Crew Laborer

Crew Laborer

Crew Laborer reports to a Foreman or Supervisor and is responsible for the wide variety of duties specific to completing a job.

Job Duties

The following list is NOT all inclusive but captures the majority of items a laborer for BSW will be faced with accomplishing on any given day:

  • Hauling materials: moving materials to and from storage to job site
  • Traveling to and from jobs
  • Breaking ties off concrete foundations
  • Sweeping footings
  • Marking and snapping lines around a foundation
  • Spraying foundations with damp proofing or waterproofing product
  • Cleaning site: removal of tools and supplies, packing of truck, and general cleaning of site
  • Stocking the truck: keeping truck stocked ready for deployment to next job
  • Professional experience: making the process a professional endeavor and generating positive advertising via word of mouth
  • Safety: Assure safety of crew at all times

Other Duties

 Periodic or occasional tasks or responsibilities as assigned or required may include but are not limited to Cleaning shop area. Facilitate equipment/facility repairs and maintenance. Wash and clean work truck.


Good attitude. Timeliness. Team player. Problem-solving skills. Hard worker. Communicate with co-workers. Ability to follow instructions.

Working Conditions

Work is outdoors. Work truck is provided. Job site could be in remote locations without any facilities available. Travel will occasionally be required for some jobs. Break room and bathroom supplied at the shop. Dress and presentation representative for position in water proofing company. Clothing clean and intact (at the beginning of each day) and the proper safety gear as required. Hours are often 10 or more hours a day, 50 or more hours a week as work demands. Work hours can be seasonal.

This information is not designed to be a complete inventory or the jobs duties, responsibilities, and qualifications. Rather, it’s designed to give the general nature and level of work to be performed by employees assigned to this job title.

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