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We are based in beautiful Bozeman Montana and specialize in foundation dampproofing, waterproofing, foundation drainage and insulation. We take pride in our products and service and would like to talk to you about how we can help you with your next project.

Big Sky Waterproofing has been in business for 10 years and has provided foundation dampproofing and waterproofing for countless builders and home owners throughout south west Montana. Residential or commercial, Big Sky Waterproofing has a product or system of products to suit your building needs.

We have developed an efficient system of applying products to give you the performance you demand at a reasonable price. Big Sky Waterproofing will make every effort possible for you to have a positive experience while striving to meet your needs in a prompt and thorough manner. We start with our most economical solution with dampproofing then advance to waterproofing and for specialty applications we offer a multiple layer approach. No matter what your project needs, we have a solution for you. Give us a call today.

Advanced Concrete Waterproofing & Drainage Products

Big Sky Waterproofing knows that not all home sites are the same, some sites require more protection than others based on their design and location. We provide the following “Advanced Waterproofing” methods and products for the most challenging of sites.

For these foundations we start with the spray applied “Watch Dog H3” rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane to be used as a sealer and adhesive.

The second layer of protection is called a “sheet waterproofing membrane”. This product is applied over the first sprayed layer forming a very tight bond. These two products combined provide the highest level of protection against moisture intrusion into the homes finished living space.

The next component in the advanced waterproofing system is called “drainage composite”. This product is a polystyrene plastic dimple board with a filter fabric attached to the dimples, designed to allow surface and sub-surface moisture to flow through the core, down the wall and footing, directly to the homes perimeter drain tile. Installed prior to backfilling the foundation, this drainage composite also acts as a protection course over the two waterproofing membranes during and after the backfill process. Combined, these products are considered our highest level of protection to your investment.

650 Membrane Spec Sheet
Polyflow 15-P Spec Sheet


Dampproofing We offer dampproofing to our customers which satisfies the need for a barrier on your foundation system. Dampproofing is appropriate when your conditions do not include hydrostatic pressure. This pressure comes from locations that have enough water to be more than damp, or have standing water. Most conditions allow the use of a quality dampproofing product.

We use a product from Tremco called Mulseal. Mulseal is an asphalt emulsion product that is spray applied to your foundation. This product can be applied to damp or green concrete allowing application in a very timely manner. The spray adheres to the pours of the concrete allowing a continuous application with superior bonding. We take care to “back brush” product into each tie hole to assure complete coverage.

Mulseal Dampproofing Spec Sheet


DampproofingBig Sky Waterproofing is happy to introduce a new product called “Enviro-Dri”. Enviro-Dri is a more permanent effective water resistant barrier for your home. Enviro-Dri is a permeable membrane that adheres to your sheathing system. By using Enviro-Dri you effectively protect your sheathing from liquid moisture, & reduce air infiltration through exterior walls.

Enviro Dri Spec Sheet

Concrete Waterproofing

WaterproofingWe offer the Tremco product, TUFF-N-DRI H8 for applications requiring more than damp proofing and suggest this as the standard for all basements. This product is a Polymer-enhanced asphalt liquid that is spray applied. This product is 2 to 3 times thicker than our dampproofing product. The additional thickness and modified chemical compound allows for better spanning of cracks and increases its ability to deal with moisture. TUFF-N-DRI is able to deal with moisture more effectively and will stand up to hydrostatic pressure, or standing water even when spanning cracks in the foundation wall. See the specifications sheet on our products page for more information.

Like the Mulseal dampproofing product this product is also spray applied and may be applied to damp or green concrete allowing application in a very timely manner. The spray adheres to the pours of the concrete allowing a continuous application with superior bonding. We take care to “back brush” product into each tie hole to assure complete coverage.

If you have concerns that dampproofing may not be enough protection this is a great alternative. Should you have additional issues due to a building site with run off or seasonal conditions see our multi layer waterproofing system.

Tuff-N-Dri Waterproofing Spec Sheet

2 Inch Rigid Insulation

Rigid InsulationWe understand the importance of protecting your foundation. Our technicians are fully trained and ready to provide our customers with the highest quality products. In addition to applying our spray applied products, we also offer installation of 2 Inch Rigid Insulation.

This is a technique used for insulating the interior or exterior of foundation walls. In this case, we apply rigid foam directly to the concrete, keeping air away from the cool and damp surface and lowering the risk of condensation. Not only will the foam lower the risk of condensation, it also reduces energy loss to help keep your home energy efficient.

Rigid Insulation Spec Sheet